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August 2016

Fear the Walking Dead “Los Muertos”: Cults & Turn-Down Service

The latest episode of Fear the Walking Dead is “Los Muertos”  – Spanish for “The Dead” – and it kicks off with just that…the dead.  Specifically, a man feeding himself to a pack of them guarding La Colonia while the rest of the community chants and Nick looks on with the man’s daughter.  It’s pretty clear, just from that alone, that Nick’s found himself in yet another undead-loving cult.  This one may be more dangerous than Cecilia and her fellow house-staff, however, because this one is an entire, functioning, town of filled with the devoted.

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Fear the Walking Dead “Grotesque”: Traumatic Trip to Tijuana


Remember when everyone on Fear the Walking Dead was stuck on a boat and pirates were trying to take all their stuff?  Or they were all in a villa run by a crazed housekeeper who believed the undead were just the next step in living?  Yeah…those good times are pretty clearly over.  Everyone’s splintered and if the mid-season premiere is any indication, their lives are going to be a series of terrible experiences from now on.

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Stranger Things Trauma

There are easily a thousand amazing things in the Netflix series Stranger Things, from the literary and film references to the scientific concepts behind the “Upside Down”.  The music is classic 80s’, the tone wonderfully nostalgic, and the story a great mix of humor, drama, and tense, sci-fy, horror.  The characters are classic 80s’ cliches, but also deep, complex, creations with unique personalities, distinct faults, and, in certain cases, possible psychological disorders…specifically PTSD.  Two specific characters on the show exhibit symptoms even prior to having to battle a Demogorgon — Eleven (aka El) and Chief Hopper (aka Hop).

— Please note there will be many, many, spoilers for the show coming up. —

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ABC’s of Surviving a Convention

I recently had the opportunity to go to the Walker Stalker Convention 2016 in Boston…if the name isn’t clue enough, it’s a fan convention geared towards The Walking Dead universe and the horror genre in general.  It’s only the second convention I’ve been to – the first was PAXEast 2015 – and first where I took the opportunity to truly interact with celebrity guests and other fans.  I had a great experience all around and am glad I went; enough that I hope to grab myself a two day pass next time and would absolutely attend other conventions in the future.

Obviously, two experiences makes me a novice, at best, but I’d like to share certain things that I discovered during said experiences.  You can call them survival tips for the soul if you like, or merely suggestions to get the most enjoyment out of your day…I call them: The ABC’s of Conventions.

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