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serial killer couples

Twisted Love: The Sharpes of Crimson Peak

For the film Crimson Peak director Guillermo del Toro said he wanted to take the classic Gothic Romance story and twist it.  As an example he pointed out that it’s not necessarily the woman who needs rescuing by the man, but the reverse.  Whether he realizes it or not he also put twists on the classic concept of the serial killer couple.  While the one in Crimson Peak realistically follows the basics of how these sorts of pairings function it also subverts the cliches found in most fictional portrayals for a fresh take. …But before I continue please note, if you’ve not seen the film, there will be lots of spoilers to come…

…Seriously, I’m going to reveal plot points and secrets…

…Last chance…

Okay, if you read past this, it’s your fault!!

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Vicious Valentines: The Barbie and Ken Killers

Love is said to make people do “the damnedest things” and, in some cases, that means rape, torture, and murder.  It certainly did for Karla Homolka and Paul Bernardo; a fairy tale couple in appearance who, in the end, were a living horror to those they victimized together.

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Female of the Species 3: His Killer Half

We’ve covered the typical and not-so-typical female serial killer; now it’s time to look at the female serial killer in a serial killer couple.  Nearly all of these women claim to be abused loves dragged along for the ride once the police come into the picture so it’s difficult to tell who are genuine victims and who were active participants in the murders.  However, there are certain women who not only actively participate, but are the actual killers.  They were not women too scared to run, they were women too in love (with the kill) to run.  It will be one of these women we’ll look at now…

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