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female serial killers

Female of the Species 3: His Killer Half

We’ve covered the typical and not-so-typical female serial killer; now it’s time to look at the female serial killer in a serial killer couple.  Nearly all of these women claim to be abused loves dragged along for the ride once the police come into the picture so it’s difficult to tell who are genuine victims and who were active participants in the murders.  However, there are certain women who not only actively participate, but are the actual killers.  They were not women too scared to run, they were women too in love (with the kill) to run.  It will be one of these women we’ll look at now…

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Female of the Species 2: Aggressive Girls

As reviewed in the previous piece female serial killers tend to do things a little differently from their male counterparts.  For the most part their methodology – smothering, poison – is subtler and less overtly violent and victims are those they know, those others would expect them to care for – family, patients if they’re a nurse.  Yet there are exceptions to every rule and sometimes female serial killers are just as openly aggressive and random in their kills as their male counterparts.  (For the purposes of this essay I’m leaving out those females involved in “killer couples” as there are a number of other dynamics going on that might be influencing their violence level and victim choice.)

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Female of the Species

When people think of serial killers they think of men.  Hardly a surprise since a vast majority of serial killers are, in fact, male.  However, it would be a mistake to think that women, “the fairer sex” as it the old saying goes, aren’t every bit as capable of multiple murders as their male counterparts.  They tend to go about their murders a little differently and select different kinds of victims to prey upon, but they are no less guilty of their crimes and get no less of a thrill in causing the death of others.  And to those chosen to be their victims they are no less terrifyingly dangerous.

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