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5 Of The Best Female Characters From The Coen Brothers

Ethan and Joel Coen will have another movie to add their collective credit in Suburbicon (written by them, directed by George Clooney) this October and, if the past is any indication, it will be a wonderfully weird journey for audiences. Known for their quirky style, witty writing and unusual blending of genres that defies definition or replication, the Coen Brothers create movies that are entirely unique.

What sets them apart, without a doubt, are the personas they create, and their female characters most assuredly represent that. Strong, strange and iconic in their own right, one would be hard-pressed to pick the best. Still, let’s take a moment and give credit to five who — each in their own way — make the movies they’re in.

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Stronger Than She Looks: Ofelia Salazar

Only a few episodes into the second season of Fear the Walking Dead and fans are already making comparisons between the new characters and those from its predecessor, The Walking Dead: Strand’s the new Negan! Travis will be the next Rick Grimes! Nick’s the new Daryl Dixon!  There are a hundred different theories and comparisons to make about these new characters, but there’s one that frequently gets overlooked…Ofelia Salazar.  Despite not making much of an impression on audiences yet I can’t help but be reminded of The Walking Dead‘s favorite Queen of the Apocalypse, Carol Peletier, when I watch her.

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Tough Women Have Traumatic Pasts

It takes a special kind of woman to be as tough as the men and in pop culture it takes one with a traumatic past.  Something that’s hardened her enough to hang with the guys, do a “man’s” job, and perform those tasks most often considered masculine in nature.  The trauma itself is not always the same – domestic violence, sexual abuse and rape, the death of a parent at a very early age – but the results are.  Someone tough and determined enough to live and succeed in a male-dominated world, but never without some terribly painful past that underlines she’s still the “softer” sex. 

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